DownIslands, Mara

My thoughts float between the earth and the sky.

Quietly laid on the grass , I’m waiting for the morning wind to blow so I can watch the sunrise.
I woke up early on purpose. But for now we are deep in the clouds, can’t see anything past my feet.Damn mist !

Ha there it is ! 6 o’clock, right on time.

Blurry spark glowing in the fog. The wind isn’t quite there yet. It almost looks like someone’s holding a lantern in the far.
Now it turns into a bright dot as the mist is fading away.
Crazy warm yellow ligth. Violet red long shadows. Heat on my face.
My eyes hurt a little. I have to raise my arm and look away.

Suddenly I can’t feel the light anymore. Three huge shapes are passing by, creaking loudly.

Boats from Outterfields are landing in our modest harbor, their giant wooden hulls covered in shells . They are immense ! Our island feels so insignificant in comparison.


All the early birds rush to the floating bridges, what news do sailors bring from our world ? What goods do they bring ?

Would I dare to ask how it is out there ?…As usual I’m just gonna wander ear-opened in the little market. And draw pictures of faraway lands in my head.

I crave to finally be able to travel and see the world for myself.

Since it is the closest city  to the DownIslands I would visit UpperfieldsTown first.
Almost every boats stop there. I could easily escape our little island if I manage to board one of those floating giant. I would be gone for just a couple of week. I’ve heard so much about this place.

Sailors talk about a land so vast that  you can walk for miles among the golden fields before metting anybody. They say if you want to see something amazing and beautiful, you can go to the ancient monastery. There, farmkeepers grow plants from all over our world in their magnificient gardens. In UpperfieldsTown there is no need to wait for the wind to blow in order to see the sun. Skies are clear blue almost everyday and you get the chance to admire the sea of clouds instead of living among them.
But it’s not yet my time to leave. For now too many strings are attached to my ankle and keep me stuck to the ground.
Maybe on day…probably one day…

This comforting thought in mind I’m going to work, it’s almost crop time.



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