I’ve always been…floating, my head sunk deep in the clouds.
Too much imagination they said.

My opened eyes leaning toward the bright sky, my shoes would barely touch the grounds as I walked, always my mind was wandering higher.

I would wonder about those other worlds out there….or in there ?
All these places that were born when I was born…entire worlds shaped by discoveries, ever growing from my memories.
All those worlds I grew that forever would remain silent. Buried in the far blue sky if my feet stuck too much on to the gray grounds of this land.

But I want to go there ! Travel to this other part of my universe…

How wonderful of a dream it would be if finally I could float in the mist, fly among the clouds and touch the giant stoned wall of never ending cities.
Cause in my mind everything can happen,
after all…I’m just daydreaming.



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